Personal accounts of intersex people living in Europe

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Illustrations by Ins A Kromminga

T-shirt slogan inspired by the #PositivelyIntersex project and the onepointseven project https://onepointseven.org.uk/ by Magda Rakita

Medical Report:

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Am I not “intersex Enough”?

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They told my parents that I was a boy that needed to be “perfected”

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“I as a parent made choices that should not have been mine to make”

Read this and other testimonials in our new publication with 14+ personal accounts of intersex people and parents in Europe. The brochure / book includes a text by intersex scholar Janik Bastien-Charlebois “On our own terms and in our own words”: The value of first person accounts of intersex experience

Why are personal stories by intersex people important?

First person accounts given by intersex people and parents show that up to this day the human rights of intersex people are being violated throughout Europe.

“Telling one’s story is no simple act. It is part of a personal journey of exiting isolation and succeeding in finding others who underwent similar experiences, of finding or fighting for opportunities to share first impressions, thoughts and questions with these others, of making sense of incongruities and double standards in treatment, of being on a quest for words and meaning that dominant culture does not provide, of finding ways to challenge interiorized stigma, of probing one’s inner self on the need or not to share one’s story, of weighing potential benefits and risks of this sharing, of readying oneself emotionally for delivering one’s story publicly, of reflecting on how to express it in ways people will understand, of anticipating possible reactions, of plunging in and potentially reliving trauma, or witnessing reactions of disbelief, of anger, or empathy and solidarity, of processing these emotions with or without support.”

– Janik Bastien-Charlebois

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check out this video

This video was created during OII Europe’s Second Intersex Community Event and Conference in Copenhagen in February 2018.

Text by Mathilde and other participants of the Community Event.

Narrated by Mathilde

Filmed and edited by Irene Kuzemko

Intersex 101 •
Some intersex basic facts

Let intersex people explain what intersex means. This video was created during two visits of intersex activists in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Thanks to the Inter*Coalition Ljubljana!

Camera: Lea Aymard, Julijen Mekuč
Editing: Lea Aymard
Thanks to: Linn Julian Koletnik, Tova Per Peterka, Evan Grm Coproduction TransAkcija
With: Erin Vlahović – Trans Aid, Croatia; Kitty Anderson, Kristian Ranđelović, Pol Naidenov and Luan Pertl – OII Europe.

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